Mini brochures

Mini brochures are a targeted referral system distributed through high impact racks strategically located on the front desks and lobbies of your area’s main accommodations, high traffic tourist areas, and conference and event planner welcome packages.

We keep your business top-of-mind 24/7 every day of the year for the most eco-responsible and lowest cost print format available.

We distribute thousands of pocket-sized information cards to people looking for information on dining, activities, attractions, services, and shopping. Our distribution locations love mini brochures and visitors to your area find them helpful, handy, and convenient.

For less than 10 cents per brochure and less than $10 per week for distribution services, mini brochures can fit into any business’s sales and marketing mix.


  • they work!

     Plain and simple. Business card sized print media is the #1 form of print marketing world- wide. Arm your referral agents with a convenient take away piece to support word-of-mouth referrals.
  • eco-responsible print media.

     Business card sized information pieces printed on recycled paper with vegetable dyes! The new mini brochure system utilizes customized QR codes for the technologically savvy and environmentally considerate traveller, making your mini brochure the most robust information piece for your business.
  • custom qr code.

     QR codes are the biggest thing in marketing today, not just for the brands but for the consumers. QR codes make it easy to bridge online information accessed from the offline world through the use of smartphones and other mobile devices. As such, QR codes make your marketing collaterals more interactive and more easily remembered! It used to be that QR codes are monochromatic: black pixels and boxes on white background. Not anymore!
  • your mobile website.

     Your new .mobi site will be packed with mobile-friendly features to make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for and convert leads into sales. It works on all phones, including smartphones and other connected devices like tablets. It even looks good on desktops!
  • low cost, high impact.

     Gang run printing, professionally designed, full-colour graphics inside and out.
  • multi-purpose.

     use as business cards, brochures, referral cards, coupons, table toppers, and more.
  • extremely retainable.

     Convenient pocket-sized cards fit easily into wallets, purses, pockets, and hands! People hang on to mini brochures. They can grab and go or scan and go!
  • exclusive by nature.

     Limited mini brochure rack space showcasing attractions, activities, restaurants, and services ensures your business is kept top-of-mind over your competition.
  • as easy as 1-2-3.

     Meet with Patricia via phone or in person for about 20 minutes to get set up. Your customized QR code and .mobi website will be up and running in 48 hours. We will then design your mini brochure and get it printed on our next print run.

    Using the dedicated Analytics tool you can easily profile and analyze traffic accessing your site. Your web stats, coupled with our certified mini brochure distribution service, help you track your marketing campaign and return on investment.

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